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Three six five in a year,

Every one is different,

Some we love, some we fear

Others do not matter.


Days of sunshine, happy days;

Dark days of cold and dread.

Youthful pranks to manhood ways

Pass with the changing years.


Unhappy days are slow to go,

Red letter days are tardy;

Days of pain and days of woe

Are so never-ending.


Times of happiness and love

Always seem to fly away

Like swallows up above

Migrating for the winter.


Worst of all to endure,

Days fraught with fears unknown

These, time alone can cure

As each one it unfolds.


Anniversary days will tell

The landmarks of our lives.

Some that we remember well

With dear ones passed aay.


Each new dawn is God"s gift

For us to use in sevice

With the sun our spirits lift

And life goes on again.


Throughout the span of life

Seasons come, seasons go.

Which day will end our strife?

None of us can ever know.




with thanks to St Mary's Church, Barton on Humber









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The spectre of Jack Kerouac casts a shadow over Glenn Carmichael and Kevin Evans’ cult novel ‘STILL SEARCHING FOR THE BIG CITY BEATS’ which is now reissued from Burning Eye. Dean Moriarty is reincarnated in 1980’s London as dangerous driving, ‘Gene Campbell’, a scene stealing, hard living poet with an eye for the ladies - and men.
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